Housing Locator

Marketplace Solution

A Searchable Database of Housing Options for All Consumers

  • A powerful platform to advertise and inventory critically needed affordable, accessible, and special-needs housing.
  • Custom tools let property providers easily list Tax Credit, Section 8/HCV, VASH, shared rooms, senior and assisted living, market-rate units, and much more.

An Affirmative, Accessible Service

  • ADA-compliant, multilingual web tools.
  • Supported by a live, toll-free call center (English and Spanish, voice and TTY).

Meet Program and Disaster-Recovery Goals

  • Benefit from our over 20 years of experience recruiting property providers and broadcasting listings to people in need.
  • Customized outcome and inventory reporting.

Share Resources and Helpful Tools

  • Empower consumers with links to local resources and tools to calculate affordable rent and moving expenses.
  • Consumers can sign up for email notifications about listings that meet their needs.

Increase Your Reach

  • Integrate GIS shapefile data for jurisdictions such as Opportunity Zones and Inclusionary Zoning areas.
  • Secured searches and private listings, real-time homepage content control, inventory tracking alerts, landlord outreach, and more.

Track Housing Trends

  • Impressively detailed local rental-inventory data.
  • Reports on user activity and other key metrics help you gauge housing gaps and demand.

Customize for Your Community

  • Streamline the service within your existing website, or let us create a custom brand for your service.
  • Incorporate search fields and information about local programs, transitional and recovery homes, homebuyer information, and more.

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About Emphasys Housing Locator

Emphasys Housing Locator, the power behind MyHousingSearch.com, serves renters nationwide with the most comprehensive and up-to-date housing information for every need and budget. Search affordable, accessible, market-rate, senior, veteran, Section 8 housing opportunities, and more!

We have over two decades of proven industry experience in creating affordable housing databases, websites, and web content. Over our history, we have grown into the number-one national provider of affordable, accessible, specialty, and disaster recovery housing locator services, unmatched in our level of end-user customer service and our track record of success.

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