An example of Moving Costs

OK, the house has been rented, but what does it cost to move in? The following represents one scenario of costs associated with moving into a 'typical two-bedroom property with gas heat. It is critical that we support programs and initiatives in our communities that assist low-income individuals and families in defraying these costs!
Costs can vary dramatically depending on many variables, most especially city, location and credit history. These figures represent a non-scientific survey, we called around, of rates for the types of services listed. Your actual mileage may vary.
Description: Cost: Cost Per Category: Cumulative Totals:
Application Fee $30    
Credit/Criminal/Work History $20
Security Deposit $681
1st Month Rent $681
Electric Deposit - gas heat $125    
Gas Deposit - Gas heat $175
Phone Deposit $90+
Water Deposit $75
    $465 $1877
Renter's Insurance $150    
Moving Fees $150
Transportation Costs $50
    $350 $2227
Stove - Used $150    
Refrigerator - Used $175    
    $325 $2552
GRAND TOTAL:     $2552

The Fine Print:

This estimate does not include the cost of:

  • lost time at work
  • additional daycare deposits, costs or babysitting needs
  • furniture needs
  • cleaning supplies
  • food
  • other miscellaneous expenses

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