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A free service to identify housing opportunities and resources! Search for rental housing to fit your needs, including affordable, accessible, and market-rate units.

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FREE advertising for unlimited listings! List all types of rental housing: market rate, subsidized, single and multifamily, assisted living, even rooms for rent.

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A critical resource to help identify suitable units for those facing housing barriers. Discover useful tools that will make a positive impact on the user's life.

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Unlock a world of housing opportunity for your communities by joining the MyHousingSearch network powered by Emphasys Software’s Housing Locator suite. This comprehensive suite of services is tailored specifically for housing finance agencies, housing authorities, state and local agencies, and supportive-service organizations. These game-changing solutions are designed to revolutionize the way you approach housing, ensuring that every individual in your community can find safe, affordable, and suitable accommodation. The MyHousingSearch/Housing Locator Solution empowers you to connect people with the homes that meet their needs effortlessly.
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