Private Listing Portal for Recovery and Reentry Housing

We offer a restricted search portal, where specialized housing options such as recovery and halfway homes, set-aside units, and other housing for special populations are only searchable by authorized users. This platform facilitates landlord recruitment, creates a centralized database of privately searchable housing options and tracks client placements.


  • Properties listed on a private registry are password protected and not publicly searchable.
  • Landlord accounts are tied to the restricted portal, ensuring their listings are viewable only by authorized users.
  • Agencies have the option to approve properties prior to posting.
  • Track client placements and record referrals made to properties.
  • Caseworker setup and training are included.


  • Listings can be synced with licensure databases or certifications.
  • Property providers can list detailed screening criteria and update vacancies or bed availabilities in real-time.
  • Users can search by specialized fields such as eligibility requirements, supportive services, property restrictions, and more.
  • Searchable designations can be created for facilities with certifications and other specializations.
  • Automated reports are provided to track portal activity.

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