Emphasys Housing Locator is evolving to better serve the needs of our clients and communities!

Emphasys Housing Locator is excited to launch MyHousingSearch (myhousingsearch.com), a universal platform efficiently directing visitors to our network of tailored, hosted housing locator sites across the country. This new, straightforward branding will expand our reach, allowing us to build and recruit more inventory which in turn will increase the impact of our network of housing locators nationwide.

Additionally, to bolster our overall call center services and customer support, we are excited to announce a new call center partnership with Expivia USA!

Expivia will be handling all core Housing Locator customer support. For our specialty service programs, including RentComp, PAIR & Polling, Special Needs Search and more, we are bringing experienced MyHousingSearch.com staff directly onto our Emphasys team to support these activities. Expivia has been a call center of excellence since its founding in 2011, and has a breadth of experience servicing 2-1-1 and other community service programs.

Serving the needs of your communities is paramount and we are striving to ensure that this transition is as seamless as possible with NO disruptions to our products or services.

For Realtors / Landlords / Property Managers:

The MyHousingSearch transition will not impact the established, day-to-day usage of our platform. You will continue to manage your account and property listings in the same manner and the new platform will enable us to drive additional traffic to your listings! We are also excited that our call center transition will bolster the full support required for your listings maintenance as well as route potential tenants to your listings in the most efficient and helpful way possible.

For Tenants and Searchers of For Rent and For Sale Listings:

The MyHousingSearch transition will enable our consumers to quickly and effectively access listings that are best suited for their needs. Consumers will continue to search for housing and related resources on their regional housing locator websites, linked directly on MyHousingSearch, and will continue to use the same toll-free number to access live call center assistance for their needs.

For Our Community Partners:

The MyHousingSearch platform and call center transition will not impact your access or usage of our suite of products in any way. Our goal from the outset has been a seamless transition with no disruptions to your products or services. We are excited to work closely with you and continue meeting the housing needs of the communities you serve as we improve our overall service!