Waitlist Management

Prescreening, Assessment, Intake, and Referral

Prescreen for Potential Eligibility

  • Open to the public or password-protected for authorized users only.
  • Applicants fill out an easy-to-use form.
  • Results show eligibility or reasons for ineligibility and can link to applications and more resources.

Add Applicants to Waiting Lists

  • Applications are sorted via custom-built priority criteria and re-evaluated each time applicant data is added or updated.
  • Data updates dynamically across all programs in the system.

Share Access and Track Eligibility Reviews

  • Customized permissions are offered through a separate interface for organizations to verify specific eligibility requirements.
  • Updates are tracked for historical record and auditing.

Match People to Resources

  • The system matches individuals to units or subsidies based on tailored criteria.
  • Identify criteria such as geographic area or jurisdiction, size of unit, accessibility features, smoking preferences, pet policy, income limits, and more.

Track Referral Process

  • Record applicant progress through the referral process until an individual is placed.
  • Save time with templated documents to create data-rich communications.

Polling for Unit-Based Programs

  • Surveys can be sent to property providers at set intervals to gather availability data; providers who do not respond can be reported for non-compliance.
  • The live call center provides a follow-up component to verify survey and unit details as needed.

Generate Reports

  • Enjoy custom reports including user tracking, prescreening statistics, applicant and placement demographics, unit inventory, program participation and exits, and more.
  • Customize reports for the metrics you need.

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