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Every effort has been made to ensure maximum accessibility by applying standards-compliant design to the production of this website. Despite our best efforts, you may experience some problems when trying to access this website using assistive devices.

Accessible design


Many visually impared computer users use a software package called "Jaws" which reads what is on the screen. There are a number of other programs that do the same thing.
Check the help menu, search under accessibility, in your web browser to learn about accommodation features that are built in to most browsers.
The newest free versions of Adobe Acrobat®, 7.0 and up, have a reader built in - open a pdf document and go to "View" and then to "Read Aloud". Microsoft® Word® has a similar feature:
  1. On the Microsoft Windows® Start menu, and then click Control Panel.
  2. Click Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options.
  3. Click Regional and Language Options, and then click the Languages tab.
  4. Under Text services and input languages, click Details.
  5. On the Settings tab, click Language Bar, and then select the Show the Language bar on the desktop check box. On the language bar - one of the options that is hidden under the down-pointing arrow at the right end of the bar is "Speak Text"
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